Gumboot Care

Gumboot Care:

Our gumboots are a natural product and we want them to last as long as they can! Please see our guidelines on how to care for your little boots:

Gumboots are meant to be played in, and we want your children to be jumping in puddles and running in the rain! To keep them clean when they get particularly muddy, wash the gumboots with clean water (note that do not wash the inside fabric), and then dry them with a soft cloth (be careful not to use a very hard or coarse cloth to avoid scratching the pattern of the gumboots) 

Dry your gumboots in the shade and be careful not to allow them to be left in direct sunlight. Due to the rubber being a natural product, extended sun exposure can make them hard and brittle, which shortens the life of gumboots and can lead to cracking.

Long term storage: If you are popping your gumboots away for later, apply a layer of silicone oil to them, wipe it off after 5 minutes, and put them away for later!


We hope you love your gumboots as much as we do! X